Nelly Uhlenkott

Psychotherapy & Counselling


-Gestalt therapy for individuals & couples

-Clinical supervision for therapists & mental health social workers

Nelly is a Gestalt psychotherapist and mental health social worker, with 10+ years experience in the field, helping people live more satisfiying and vibrant lives. 

Some of the many benefits of seeing Nelly for therapy/counselling may include: moving from “stuckness” to a sense of aliveness and thriving; developing more satisfying relationships with yourself and with others; enhancing your self-compassion; accessing greater energy, focus, motivation, and sense of direction/purpose; shifting old patterns/trauma (including stuck relationship patterns, addictions, and eating disorders, among many others); feeling more confident and settled in your life; building greater capacity to handle whatever life throws your way; and re-awakening your sense of humour, playfulness, and creativity.

(If you want more info regarding what therapy is all about, please visit the  Why Seek Therapy? on this site.)

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Feel free to contact Nelly at any time with questions or to make an appointment at or on 0473 954 392 (text or call).

When I first starting seeing Nelly, I was feeling really stuck in all parts of my life. I’m amazed to look back at how much has changed for the better since then. I couldn’t have imagined I could feel as light as I do now. Life feels so much easier.


Melbourne, AU, 2013

My husband and I had been struggling for years and we had already seen two other therapists. I didn’t have much hope of saving our relationship. Nelly was so understanding toward both of us and helped us open our hearts to each other again. Now our relationship is stronger than it’s ever been!


Providence, RI, USA, 2015

I worked with Nelly for 2 years, and found her to be a remarkable therapist. She helped me through a tough time, and beyond. She has a great non-judgmental presence that was instrumental in my progress.


Providence, RI, USA, 2016

I went to see Nelly right after losing my mum. She helped me through my grief with such patience and kindness when I felt like I was at my worst. She showed me compassion. and even more amazing was that Nelly helped me learn to be compassionate with myself. I was nervous since I had never been to a therapist before, but I’m so glad I contacted her.


Melbourne, AU, 2013

A year ago, I rolled my eyes when anyone mentioned mindfulness. After some coaching with Nelly and dipping my toe into mindfulness I got totally hooked. My anxiety went from through the roof all the time to totally manageable most days…and even when it’s not, I know it’ll pass soon. I’m so grateful to have these tools.


Boston, MA, USA, 2017

I feel so grateful for Nelly’s presence over the last few years, and for the way she has always seemed to accept me where I have been in that moment in time — a rare gift.


Providence, RI, USA, 2016