Individual Therapy

I see individuals seeking support for a variety of reasons (see “Why Seek Therapy?” for more information). If you’re wondering whether I have experience in a specific topic that isn’t listed on the website, please feel free to get in touch for a conversation about whether I’m the right practitioner for you.

Finding a good fit with a therapist is key. I encourage everyone who comes to see me to “shop around” and to trust their instincts when choosing a therapist. If you’re feeling hopeful and have some sense that the person you see could help support you in your life and the direction you’re wanting to head, that’s a good sign.

I bring presence, authenticity and warmth to my work. I believe that therapy is not “one size fits all” — I want to get to know you as the unique individual who you are, and to support you in the particular ways that you’re seeking.

How does this work? 

I offer 50-minute sessions for individuals in my office in Melbourne’s inner north. During sessions, I’ll guide us in a process in which we’ll talk and have space to explore things that may be difficult to do in the outside world, or with friends and family. We may use creative outlets (such as art), mindfulness practices, or other means of delving in, depending on what you’re wanting and what’s most helpful for you. The process looks a little bit different for everyone.

How frequently we meet depends on a variety of factors, including what you’re seeking from therapy, and practicalities of finances and scheduling.

People often come weekly, but that is certainly not set in stone – many people meet more or less often. Double sessions or longer are occasionally available on request as well. I’m happy to discuss your particular situation further with you; figuring out the logistics is a collaborative process for which I can offer guidance, and can flexibly shift over time.

What if I’m not sure that therapy is what I need?

It’s understandable to have some questions about the process and what will be most helpful for you in your life right now.

I’m happy to speak by phone to discuss your particular situation further, and/or to collaborate during or after an initial session. I have experience in therapy/counselling, coaching, mindfulness and more — it may well be that even if traditional “therapy” isn’t what your looking for, there may still be a fruitful way for us to work together. I can also offer other referrals if appropriate. My interest is in you getting what you need, whether that’s from me or elsewhere.

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  • Depression & anxiety
  • Professional burnout
  • Self-criticism/self-compassion
  • Relationships (couples, and/or working on-on-one to improve romantic, familial, friendship, and professional relationships)
  • Life transitions
  • Mindfulness
  • Substance use
  • Existential concerns (finding meaning, purpose, and passion)
  • Adult/adolescent adoptees
  • Identity/attachment issues
  • Personal development
  • Sexuality (LGBTQIA- and poly-friendly practice)

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